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The Permanent Rain Press Interview with Joel Courtney and Katherine McNamara.

We had the opportunity to interview actors Joel Courtney and Katherine McNamara during their brief visit to Vancouver earlier this month. Stay tuned to hear the pair chat about their upcoming projects  including series The Messengers and Happyland, filming in Bulgaria for Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn, and their most anticipated films of the summer.  

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Max Records at 2013… he is so fucking wild and beautiful… max, if you read this let me say I LOVE YOU SO SERIOUSLY.

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Looks like Winter Dolphin’s being extra playful today! #DolphinTale2

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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ on We Heart It.


❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ on We Heart It.

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make me choose » Anonymous asked:

Quinnor or Vogue

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Real Breaking News. Read and remember for the eternity

Some information that you are missing on the Gaza Strip.
Gaza is not ‘a territory occupied by Israel. And the ‘state after 1967. Then’ returned to the Palestinians after 1993. Today ‘ruled by Hamas.
Gaza and the ‘ruled by Hamas, which receives very substantial aid from abroad.
As such aid is being spent?
Almost completely in arms purchases and private hoarding of Hamas leaders.
Who then ensures the existence of the people of Gaza?
Few people know that:
the supply of electricity and ‘made ​​by Israel;
the supply of drinking water and ‘made ​​by Israel;
the logistics of the aid coming into Gaza from the world ‘made by Israel;
the care of the wounded and care of patients with serious diseases and Palestinians’ made ​​by Israeli hospitals.
In exchange for this humanitarian action provided by Israel without any obligation, Hamas avoids spending resources to homes, schools and hospitals. The spend to buy missiles and weapons.
In official documents of Hamas ‘wrote that a “jew and’ son and dog pig” and that Hamas struggle to liquidate the Zionists.
The technique of war and Hamas ‘purely terroristica.I its missiles and rockets are launched by the hundreds on the city’ Israeli targets, but without selecting deliberately targeting the civilian population.
Hamas knows that the defense system of Israel and ‘the most’ advanced in the world.
'Cause launch missiles useless?
One: they hope that a hole can be determined in the anti-missile system and cause deaths.
Two: Launch missiles to provoke Israel’s response.
Then protect the missiles and launch bases with human shields’ cause we’re dead Palestinians.
Hamas can not ‘want peace. Hamas knows that if you were to vote today in Gaza would not take three votes. The population and ‘tired of them. Peace would sweep them away. The war instead keeps them alive. It allows them to continue to profit from diverting aid in the corruption of the heads and arms smuggling.
And ‘useless to talk about peace when Hamas. Israel knows that Hamas’ truce to the maximum possible. But only if Hamas suffers a military defeat. If Israel instead gave way and withdrew without military results, Hamas terrorism would raise the price. Everybody knows - Egypt, Jordan, Europe, PA, USA-Russia assisting cowardly silence in the hope that Israel conseguisca a win to get into the field and get a respite. A military coup to Hamas and ‘the only way of restoring legitimacy to Abbas and Palestinian moderates. The day when the beautiful souls Westerners understand there is’ just hope it’s not too late!

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